CS Education’s Selective & Scholarship Trial Tests have been developed to help our students to best prepared for the Private School Scholarship & Selective High School Entrance Examination. These trial test courses are significant part of our program for Year 6 & Year 8 students who are enrolled in the Private School Scholarship / Selective High School Tests Preparation Course.

Why does your child need Trial Test Course? Our students’ success depends on their attendance of the trial test course sessions.

Students not only have sufficient test practices completed weekly, but difficult questions and incorrect answers are explained to the students by teachers/tutors. The Trial Test Course will help your child with his/her test time management, minimise carelessness and overcome examination nerves. Students are taught how to perform to the best of their abilities in the test!

At CS Education we have a unique Blended Learning system with the online trial tests in addition to the offline trial tests. Students will familiarise with different categories of questions, techniques of answering such questions and applying knowledge in trial test assessment each week. Trial tests train students to attempt exam style questions under strict exam conditions, practice time management and put strategies learnt during lessons into practice. By sitting for our trial tests, students will be confidently prepared for the Scholarship and/ or Selective Schools Test!

For students enrolled in the offline trial tests course, both parents and children can REVIEW online all incorrect trial test questions online for 1 week after taking the test.  Answer sheets are computer marked and the reports give detailed information showing the marks, correct and incorrect answers and the areas the student is weak in. This is most beneficial as parents can help children at home and monitor their progress online as well.

VIC_Blended Learning

Below are example of online learning management and test result analysis easily access through our online learning platform:



In addition to trial test practices, our Trial Test course incorporates teaching lessons to discuss difficult questions, equip students with robust knowledge and address students’ weaknesses in preparation for the trial test.

To reinforce understanding and learning, we have the Small Group Tutorial (Math/GA) every fortnight to help students who need extra review and explanation on the tests. This enrichment and frequent feedback on each student’s results give parents more insight into their children’s progress.

What benefits will your child have?

  • Trial Test Course increases students’ accuracy.
  • Trial Test Course increases students’ speed.
  • Through practising exam questions every week, students’ test ability and result improve.
  • Weekly result sheets indicate a student’s weak areas, giving immediate feedback to parents about which area the student should concentrate on.
  • Students’ performance and progress are assessed accurately on a weekly basis.

The Trial Test Course commences in Term 1 and continues until the Private School Scholarship and/or Selective High Schools Test. During the period, students will complete multiple tests covering the areas of the Selective Entrance Examination, ACER style and EDU Test scholarship tests.

During each session, students will attempt trial test paper followed by review by the teacher/tutor while students’ answer sheets are being marked. Teachers/tutors will explain all questions step-by-step so that students have a thorough understanding of each test question. Writing tests are marked by fully qualified English Teachers and results are returned to students in the next session with corrections, suggestions and comments.

In the event that the student performed unsatisfactorily in Maths/GA test for that week, they can attend the ‘Small Group Tutorial’ session to discuss and re-examine the questions attempted during the week. The tutor will review the questions to ensure students understand the area of doubt completely. This Small Group Tutorial is absolutely free of charge!

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